Book Bans in the US? Literary Hub offers tools to stop them

This post from Literary Hub should be of interest to any author, for that matter any artist of any kind, who wants to fight back against the current attempts to ban books in the US. The Author’s Guild has created a toolkit to simplify the process of speaking out against this attempt to quash self-expression and rewrite history.

We have to be on the alert because, if the attempt is successful, they won’t stop with books.

Read the post here: Want to stop Book Bans?

6 thoughts on “Book Bans in the US? Literary Hub offers tools to stop them

    1. To make things even easier, the Author’s Guild toolkit offers links at the bottom of their instruction page that help you find your School Board Member, Superintendent and State Representative. Super easy. I am glad they put so much thought into this toolkit. If we artists don’t speak up for ourselves who will?

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