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About Tara

I am a singer/songwriter, author, theatrical stage manager and event planner happily married to my best friend, Art, also a stage manager.

My mission is communication: to get information to where it is needed and to  share stories and ideas.  Oh yeah, and  I love decorating things.

Contact me at  tara@tarasitser.com

Read more about me on my Linked In profile:    Tara’s LinkedIn page

My latest recordings can be heard on ReverbNation

Read more about John Zipperer; Listen to some of his wonderful songs (That’s me in the background!); See photos of the band:  John Zipperer

The web site for my upcoming book “Speaking Truth: Words That Matter” can be found HERE

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Are You An Acoustic Music Fan?


As a member of the Americana-Folk/Rock band, John Zipperer & Friends, Tara performs in around Los Angeles, CA (with an occasional out-of-town appearance). Come see for yourself why John Zipperer's CD "Full Circle" has been on the top 25 of the Roots Music Report Album Chart for over a year!

Tara Sitser - Author / Singer/Songwriter

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