Communicate With Impact

I cannot find enough ways to tell you just how valuable my work with Leah Zimmerman has been!  The tools she has taught me, the insights into human behavior, the ability to see what’s behind the mask we show, not only to the world, but to ourselves, has been a gift, a turn-around in my perspective that will forever change how I interact with the people in my life.

So I am pleased to share with you here news of a free Masterclass coming up next week from Communication expert Leah Zimmerman of Stepping Stool Coaching.

The focus of this Masterclass is listed as impactful communication in business dealings. But I want to stress that the techniques that Leah offers can be enormously helpful in any arena of your life. Difficult conversations happen. Leah can show you how to understand what is behind the words you are hearing and find the path to true, empathic communication.

You can read more about Leah in my previous blog article HERE

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