A New Year: 2011 Reasons for Hope

2010 was a challenging year.  Everywhere I looked. Everthing I read. All the comments from people, fellow-bloggers, writers of commentaries. It was a tough year all around. In the words of one of my favorite songwriters, Dave Morrison, 2010 was a “Mo-Fo”.  Well said.  But inspite of all the drama, all the injustice, all the greed and corruption we have been witness to, as the year’s end approached I started to see reasons to hope that 2011 will be a better year for us. 

The rain caused a lot of headaches for some but out of that will come a beautiful spring and a relief from the threatened drought of the past years.  Our political scene was more contentious than ever but President Obama has accomplished tremendous things for the American people in two years, and also more than any other president in decades during just the beginning of his “Lame-Duck” session.  And there are signs that the insanity of magical thinking among our elected representatives is finally being shown for what it is.  Now that they have the power they so rabidly sought they will have to actually GOVERN!  They have no one left to blame if their agendas lead to dead ends. 

 And the movement toward greener living and green technology has passed the tipping point.  There may still be resistance from the established big-business entities that like the status quo but they can’t put the genie back in the bottle anymore.  Commercials for the new electric car, the Chevy Volt, are appearing on national TV. The kids are being taught how to think and live green.  And they WILL influence their parents.

Make no mistake, there will still be challenges and obstacles and injustices.  But these are the times when more and more of us start to understand where reality really lies and begin to look for ways to live our lives with just a little more heart. 

 I just finished reading “Eat, Pray, Love” (Yes, I know I’m behind the times on the best-sellers list) which I really, really enjoyed. I was struck by one passage in the book where the leading lady, after having spent months in India meditating in all sorts of formal, serious ways, was told by an Balinese medicine man to lighten up. His form of meditation:  Sit there and smile.

Whatever 2011 brings I plan to remember that advice.  I’m going to work hard,  learn as much as I can, be there for the people I love and continue moving forward toward my goals. But, as often as possible, I’m also going to just sit there and smile.

Optimistically Yours,





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