Get Your Dream Into The End Zone

Author & life coach Diana Weynand gets the touchdown
using football strategies to help you reach your goals.

I am likely the only person in the known universe who grew up in the United States and never saw a football game. No one ever explained to me that there is something to be learned about living a successful life built into the game of football.  In her book, Lipstick Football, Ms. Weynand has filled that gap.

 As a former player and manager in the Los Angeles Lasers professional women’s football team Ms. Weynand understands the game from the inside out. As a successful business woman who has reached for and achieved a list of impressive goals she knows how to make intentions into realities.

While she is teaching you the inner workings of the game of football Ms. Weynand is also offering you insights and strategies to get you closer to your life goals. Her descriptions of the physical world of football, the players on and off the field, how the game is played, and even some football history, are filled with action, clarity, color and energy.  

Lipstick Football opened a world to me that offers, not just a fun and instructive view of a previously unfamiliar sport, but a set of easily accessible tools to use in your personal quest for achievement.

Wynand’s method has proved so valuable that Antioch University has asked her to teach an online course this Fall based on her Lipstick Football Principles.

To get you started Ms. Weynand will be offering a FREE WEBINAR to introduce the course:

“Learn to Win & Achieve Your Dreams,

Using the Lipstick Football Method.”

** FREE WEBINAR:  Monday, October 24th, 4-5pm PT. **

Now is the time to jump in and find out what it takes to go from idea to reality guided by an award-winning entrepreneur, author, teacher, speaker and life coach whose book, Lipstick Football, is emerging as the tool of choice for her ever-growing audience.

Do you have a dream you’d like to pursue?

Take the leap!


7 thoughts on “ Get Your Dream Into The End Zone

  1. Same here, Tara: I never knew or understood the first thing about the game of football! I learned a lot from reading Lipstick Football, and I’m excited for Diana’s course! For anyone interested, Diana also keeps a blog where she discusses the principles of the Lipstick Football program in detail.

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    1. Thank you, Sean. And thanks for pointing us toward Diana’s blog. I’m glad you found Diana’s Lipstick Football principals helpful. One of my take-aways is seeing how even though the defining elements of the LF Principals are taken from something as specific as football they become tools that support whatever road you choose to travel. Happy journeys, my friend!

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  2. Thank you Tara for sharing “Get Your Dream Into The End Zone.”
    Terrific article sharing the work of author and life coach, Diana Weynand. Exciting opportunity to share this work and learn how to reach goals in an exciting new way in a new class. In addition, thanks for letting your readers know of the Free Webinar on October 24! Hope to see everyone there!

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    1. Thanks, Anna, for the support on my new course, “Learn to Win & Achieve Your Dreams.” Hope to see you at the webinar Monday, Oct 24th, 4pm PT.

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    1. Tara – Thanks for writing such a cool blog about my upcoming webinar. I know you’ve experienced some of the Lipstick Football principles. I’m so pleased that you’ve found them helpful on your own life journey.

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