A Hard Question: What do you give to someone in pain?

This week, just in time for your holiday shopping, I offer a book of poetry from Author, Poet, Lyricist, and Artist, Ann Vincent Vila.

“Grieving Healing Accepting: 25 Sympathy Poems of Loss”

Available on Amazon

Ms Vila has written an eloquent book of poems for friends and loved ones suffering loss, a circumstance too many of us have had to live through recently. In place of sympathy cards or flowers, this book is a gift to anyone you know who is experiencing loss. Ms. Vila’s poetry offers the comfort and companionship of knowing you are not alone in your experience of loss or grief. Once read, these poems can be revisited again and again as your journey through grief takes the all-too-common unexpected detours to acceptance.

Available in paperback and Kindle editions, this collection of heartfelt thoughts for “the darker moments” solves the question of what to give to someone you care about that will acknowledge their suffering and offer support when you can’t be there to hold them close.

From the Author:

“It is a book for those suffering around us when we are left speechless and can find no words from our hearts to soothe those grieving souls. An array of work that speaks to the darker moments of life when despair arrives in the wake of loss leading from the darkness of grieving to the healing light of acceptance.”

Ana Vincent Vila, Grieving, Healing, Accepting

11 thoughts on “A Hard Question: What do you give to someone in pain?

  1. Poetry is indeed a surefire antidote to grief, Tara, because the very nature of it forces us to slow down; it inspires contemplation, which begets insight. So happy to know about Ann’s collection; bless you for sharing the link to it!

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    1. Sean, your reminder of the power of words is so valuable. In times of trial the right words spoken by a friend can change your point of view and, potentially, your chosen path. Thank you for adding so much to this conversation!

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  2. A thoughtful gift for someone who is suffering from loss or even better… for those of us you want to offer our heartfelt condolences but don’t know what to say. As a retired grief counselor, might I suggest that what many people need is our presence, for us to be strong enough to be there and help carry their pain, to do without needing to be asked. ❤ ❤ There are so many people hurting, I love it that you’ve thought of them.

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    1. Thank you so much for the work you have done in your career as a retired grief counselor. I am honored that you see my book as an aid for those grieving. We are all indebted to you and professionals like yourself who take on this onerous task. Thank you!

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  3. What a beautiful idea, Tara! People are often at a loss for how to “be there” for struggling friends. The gift of poetry can certainly be a salve for the soul.

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      1. To my other readers here, Barbara Caplan-Bennett’s work is featured in my September 2020 piece here on this blog. Her book “Noseworthy” details her own struggle with grief in her own very well-crafted words.

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