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Noseworthy; A Memoir

Posted on: September 4, 2020

Would a heaping dose of hope-in-the-future help you right now?  How about someone in your circles who might be looking for some inspiration?

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A whole lot of us are finding just that in a newly published book from my dear friend Barbara Caplan-Bennett. If you have been feeling the weight of all the crises happening in our world, if you are not sure how to find hope in the face of your daily struggles, this is a book worth your time.

Check it out for yourself and then please help spread the word.


“Noseworthy is a memoir about a woman who faced a difficult choice when diagnosed with melanoma — lose her entire nose or very possibly lose her life. Her year long journey to obtain a prosthetic nose is filled with big challenges and small victories.”

This is a real-life story of courage in the face of great trauma (or as Barbara likes to call it, “the shit show”) and, ultimately a triumph over a life-changing course of inescapable events.  Barbara has been a bright spot in my life for many years. I have always been awed by her ability to keep smiling through the tears and to welcome whatever life throws at her.

I watched her face this battle and come out on the other side with her moxie, her sense of humor, and her love of life still intact. As a writer she has a natural gift for making her readers comfortable and the skill to tell her stories in her very authentic, likable, honest voice.

To Order an Autographed Copy  —  Email    Noseworthy2020@gmail.com

Venmo, PayPal, credit cards Accepted

Also available on Amazon  —  bit.ly/NoseworthyBarbara


For More Information  —  Follow Noseworthy on

Facebook:    facebook.com/Noseworthyamemoir


Twitter:  @noseworthy2020

11 Responses to "Noseworthy; A Memoir"

Thanks for what you do. FYI… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBAJ0GrgL18

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Thank you, Mike. I appreciate your comment. And the video you shared here is wonderful! Let’s both keep fighting the Good Fight.🌎


I would imagine, given the state of the world, we need more stories like Noseworthy — ones about having the courage to confront previously unthinkable scenarios and finding a path forward through them. How wonderful of you, Tara, to bring attention to Barbara’s book!


Thank you, Sean. Having been a witness to Barbara’s journey through this particular unthinkable scenario, and watching her fight this dragon with grace, humor and more courage than most of us could muster, it is a privilege for me to shine some light on her story. Which, by the way, she tells very well!

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What an interesting and inspiring true story. Wow, Tara. Some people are just amazing. Thanks for the intro to Barbara and her book.

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Thanks so much for stopping by, Diana. Barbara is indeed on the top of my list of amazing people. And her writing is always engaging. I remember once saying to her husband, Paul, that even her Facebook posts about mundane things are fascinating reading. (To which he replied, “And my posts about fascinating things are mundane….” :>)

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Lol. Funny guy. I doubt it. 🙂

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an excellent review. after reading your words, I am going to buy this one. thanks a lot


Thank you, Parneet, for stopping by and for your kind words. I am always delighted to shine some light on my dear friend, Barbara Caplan-Bennett and her wonderful writing.

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You’re a good person. Few like you.🙂


I am grateful for your acknowledgement and support!


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