A Sad Goodbye To Our Friend Ed The Spoon Man Terry

Today we say goodbye to one of the most unique, beloved figures I have ever had the privilege to know.

Ed Terry (AKA Ed Theriault; AKA Eddie The Spoon Man) has been a fixture in the Southern California acoustic music scene for many years.   His enthusiasm, natural musicality and love of people made him a sought-after guest  in the many bands he played with and a welcome presence everywhere he went.


Eddie The Spoon Man photo
Ed Terry – The Spoon Man – Still making music and Joy at age 80

Eddie started playing the spoons as a young boy and never stopped.  Among his accomplishments  are a stint playing with the Horace Heidt Orchestra (circa 1940), a 1st prize win on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour and he has the distinction of being one of the few people to ever appear on The Gong Show and NOT get gonged off!

Eddie was 76 years old when he met John Zipperer and very quickly became part of our band family. He performed with us over a period of years in concert halls, at senior homes, backyard parties, coffee houses and  was a big hit with audiences every time. (He was also a big flirt and always got lots of attention from the ladies!)

Ed Theriault had his share of life challenges but I never saw him without a smile on his face.  And the same goes for his wife of more than 60 years, the wise, wonderful Virginia.  He was a joy to be around and the world is a brighter place because he was with us.

 Rest Easy, Eddie! Your shinning soul, sparkling humor and enthusiasm for life touched many people and we will remember you!

Take a look for yourself:

July 2015 – Ed “The Spoon Man” Terry sits in with John Zipperer & Friends at Julie’s Joint House Concert jammin’ to JZ’s original tune “Here by Me”

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