A Brilliant Way to Understand the Price of Educational Tunnel Vision

I have long gnashed my teeth at the state of our educational system.  As a teacher and a life-long student it has always struck me that trying to fit people into the cubby holes of a system that tells you not only what to learn but HOW you have to learn it seems backward and, as we have seen by the recent dismal statistics, ineffective.

Now we are seeing the damage being done to whole generations of children, and by extension to our society,  by the very system that is supposed to be preparing them for creative, purposeful lives.

Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally renowned educational expert, speaker, author and advisor to governments, non-profits and arts organizations has created an astonishing new view of public education; why it is failing and how we must change our concept of how to teach our children.

I am passionate about information, communication and how the two interact.  This “Animate” – a truly brilliant form of presentation – is created by a company called RSA.  The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.  (www.thersa.org)

I sit here as I write this totally blown away by what I have just seen.  For those interested in the visual arts this animate is a hugely successful form of communication. I am awed and impressed by the genius behind the creation of this technique and its application in clarifying and reinforcing the words you are listening to.

For those interested in education, Sir Robinson gives an explanation that so clearly and completely explains how we got here, what is wrong with where we are and what we need to get to a better place that it is worth every second of the 11 minutes and 40 seconds it takes to watch this video.

RSA Changing Education Paradigms

I would love to hear your thought about the information in this video and of this form of communication.  Please leave your comments or contact me at tara@tarasitser.com

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